Making Shapes

category: math, 3-5yr, geometry, shapes, craft



GOAL: Identify different shapes and learn about symmetry & asymmetry!



  • At least 20 craft sticks (make sure you have an even number and maybe even some extras in case of mistakes);

  • Markers in assorted colors



1. Place two craft sticks directly next to each other.
2. Help your child draw a shape on the two sticks. Try to split the shape equally between the sticks.
3. Repeat step 2 until your kid has created as many shape stick pairs as she wants.
4. Have her mix up the sticks.
5. Encourage your child match the sticks to create shapes.
6. The shapes you use don't need to be complicated. Have your child try drawing a circle, square, triangle, and whatever else is easy. Also, take the opportunity to talk about the concept of symmetry and help your child understand which shapes she created for her puzzle game are symmetrical and which aren't. Before you know it your child will be a master matcher.


If you want, you can extend this activity into a shape observation game. How many different circles can she find in your house? What about squares? As she plays games like this, it will become easier and easier for her to recognize different shapes and their special characteristics.