Event: Global Awareness Program

Dearest's Global Awareness Program is focused on developing awareness and interests in other countries, cultures, and people in the world. Based on the subject taught at International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools, our program focuses on personalized learning, problem-solving skills, and self-direction. 

To share an preveiw of the exciting program, we had a kid's Global Awareness Picnic in Central Park on June 17th!!

We kicked the event off by greeting in different languages. Then we dove right in to story time and art project that explore the theme of "The Circle of Us"--sharing and discussing my home, my state, my country, and my planet.

The second project was on building a "Tree of us", where we created a collaborative artwork with hand prints and discussed how we can each contribute by being a great global citizen.

This was a short and casual preview of what is happening at our Global Awareness Summer Camp. Find out more about the camp here.




Combined, these three teachers have lived in 7 different countries and can speak 6 languages fluently! They are also experienced early childhood, music, and language teachers who can bring fun learning experience to your home. Visit www.dearest.io or email us at contact@dearest.io for more info.