Communicating with Parents

Mar 2, 2017 12-01-09.png
  • Communication is key!  Ask questions about their children’s allergies, routines and schedule, feeding, preferences, recent interests, etc. Make sure to greet them and the little ones and introduce yourself.
  • Timeliness is hugely important. We recommend being at the session 5 min early. Lateness seems to impact parent's reviews significantly. If you are running late for any reason, we suggest sending a message with apologies, valid reason, and accurate expected arrival time.
  • Hygiene cannot be ignored! Always wash your hands before touching the children and after going to the bathroom. Basic etiquette applies.
  • Think about teamwork! You are in partnership with the family in caring for their most precious joy. Parents can be a huge help in learning about how their child learns, especially if something is difficult for you. Likewise, if you notice something that their child responded really well to, share it with them! 
  • Positive and constructive reporting. You will be submitting a learning report at the end of each session. Give an honest and complete report. Keep a positive framework! If any issue arose or if the child was hurt, you need to mention this right away.