Articulated Hand

Category: STEM, 9YR+, 10YR+, 11YR+, Anatomy, Health, Biology, Science

Source: Go Science Girls

GOAL: Learn about the anatomy of your hand!


  • Paper straws

  • Sticky tape

  • Beads

  • Twine (or yarn)

  • Scissors

  • Chopsticks

  • Craft foam

  • Pen


1. Trace your hands on craft foam and cut it out

2. Cut straws into small pieces and stick them onto the hand and fingers to represent the bones and tendons attached to them (Leave gaps between each piece)

3. Tie beads to five pieces of twine (or yarn). Thread each piece of yarn through the straws on the finger and thumb, into the corresponding straws in the hand.

4. Tie a further five beads to the other ends of the twine.

5. Turn your hand over and paint fingernails

6. Tape a chopstick to the hand to act as a handle



Helps demonstrate how tendons work, and how severing tendons could affect more than just that one joint