About Parent Founders Club

We are a group of Manhattan parents who are building new businesses for children and families. We have 2 simple missions:

1. Support fellow parents who are building businesses that deliver excellent products and/or services to families in New York.

2. Build and leverage the collective power of passionate parent entrepreneurs.



To apply, you need to be a parent and a founder of a company that meets the following criteria.

-The company delivers products or services to families in New York.

-have had at least 50 paid customers or 500 active users.

c) stands for quality of the experience you are delivering to the families.

d) is a non-direct competitor of existing club members.

There is no fee to apply or to be a member. We might decide to have a small fee to do events, but are just a team of entrepreneur parents working together to help each other.

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Our Office

Columbia Startup Lab

175 Varick Street, NY
New York, 10014