8 - 11 Year Old


  • Display logical thinking, begin to see others’ point of view more clearly, have more strategic approaches to solving problems

  • Become more able to express feelings through talking

  • Develop a stronger sense of right and wrong

Social & Emotional

  • Start to form stronger, more complex friendships and peer relationships, especially with peers of the same sex

  • Show more concern about body image and looks

  • May experience more moodiness


  • Create images that combine a variety of colors, forms, and lines

  • Remember words and recreate melodies to a number of songs

  • Can play increasingly sophisticated musical patterns on certain instruments after practice


  • May become increasingly interested in team sports. Others enjoy hands-on activities including painting, making jewelry, building models, etc.

  • Body changes associated with puberty

  • May become clumsy because of rapid increases in height and weight

What can you do to support the development?

  • Cooperative projects with peers

  • Divergent thinking game

  • Investigative activities

  • Simple architectural design and model-building

  • Sudoku or Rubik’s cube

  • Robotics

  • Coding

  • Routine math excercises

  • Focus and mindfulness