6 - 8 Year Old


  • Learn to read and tell stories

  • Become more sophisticated in understanding the concept of time

Social & Emotional

  • Show more independence from parents and family

  • May still tend to be self-centered, and want to be liked and accepted by friends

  • Pay more attention to friendships and teamwork


  • Be able to learn riding a two-wheel bike

  • More skillful at balancing, skipping, and catching/throwing a ball

  • Girls may have sudden growth spurts and become taller and weigh more than boys

What can you do to support the development?

  • Start teaching more academic concepts and applying them to real life
  • Create new stories and present to peers and adults
  • Discuss real life problems and talk about why these things happen and what we can do to solve these problems
  • Probe them to see other people's view and feelings
  • Plan and carry out project that requires longer period

  • Board games and cards (logical thinking)

  • Lots of science experiments!

  • Team sports