5 - 6 Year Old


  • Ask deeper questions that address meaning and purpose

  • Answer "why" questions

  • Become more responsible and says "I'm sorry" when he or she makes mistakes

  • Accept other points of view

  • Question others, including parents

Social & Emotional

  • Speak very clearly

  • Vocab of 2000+ words, speaks in sentences of 5+ words, and with all parts of speech

  • Know telephone numbers, names, addresses, and names of friends


  • Can draw a person with at least 6 body parts

  • Can copy complex geometric shapes

  • Can name the primary colors, and possibly many more colors

  • Learn simple songs and play instruments


  • Skip, jump, and hop with good balance

  • Show more skill with simple tools and writing utensils

What can you do to support the development?

  • Read together and discuss. Ask many "Why" and "How" questions to support the development of critical thinking and logical thinking. 

  • Introduce design thinking and empathy

  • Play creatively with the child

  • Extend vocabularies and number skills

  • Do many science experiments and discuss phenomenon and introduce cultural tools (words and concepts)

  • Introduce the child to more instruments and languages