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4 - 5 Year old

Key Development Milestones:


  • Likes the feeling of being independent
  • Increased understanding of time
  • Be able to compare and describe multiple objects
  • Curious and ask a lot of questions
  • Developing moral concepts

Social & Emotional

  • Have vocabulary of 1000+ words
  • Easily put together sentences of 4-5 words
  • Can use past tense, may begin using vulgar words and words they don’t fully understand


  • Cut out pictures using scissors
  • Draw a person with 2-4 body parts
  • Tell you what he/she thinks is going to happen next in a story


  • Hop on one foot without losing balance

What can you do to support the development?

  • Show the child how to participate in and follow the rules of games and sporting activities

  • Encourage creative play and story building

  • Read together and discuss the content. Encourage making connections to other incidents and stories.

  • Do investigative projects where you encourage the child to create hypotheses and do research to test them

  • Promote development of empathy by asking questions

  • Expose your child to different stimuli by visiting local areas of interest

  • Encourage your child to solve problems by being innovative

  • Practice additions and subtractions