3 - 4 Year old

Key Development Milestones:


  • Ask a lot of questions

  • Have a longer attention span

  • Fear imaginary things

Social & Emotional

  • Start to share more

  • Have some cooperative play

  • Have a vocabulary of several hundred words


  • Act out social encounters through play activities

  • Do puzzles with 3-10 pieces

  • Copy a circle and simple shapes with pencil or crayon


  • Briefly balance and hop on one foot

  • Pedal a tricycle

  • Easily place small objects in a small opening

What can you do to support the development?

  • Visit local areas of interest with your child

  • Encourage the child to play with other children to help develop social skills

  • Encourage creative play with many conversations

  • Read together, discuss the story, act out the story, create original storyline

  • Provide logical reasoning behind the situation and your choices

  • Games to extend vocabulary

  • Count to 100, try skipping odd and even numbers when counting, count backwards, and introduce addition

  • Encourage the child to think and learn by answering some of his or her questions with hints  

  • Encourage the child to use words to express feelings rather than acting out (drawing out also helps)

  • All activities in the STEM Activity Lists, plus more creative and social activities

  • Checklist games!